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Soundpaths is a phone app that allows you to experience Moston, Harpurhey & Charlestown in a totally different way - through music and sound. 

The Soundpaths app is completely free to download and use. No ads or contact details required. Using the geolocation capabilities on your phone, the app plays music and sounds that celebrate the diverse local cultures and communities, changing as you walk or run along the different Soundpaths routes. 



We have created 2 routes for you to listen to.

Soundpaths: MHC takes through the streets and parks of Moston, Harpurhey & Charlestown.

Soundpaths: BHC a route dedicated to Boggart Hole Clough. 

The Soundpaths: MHC Route -  starts and finishes at FC United football ground at the entrance on Lightbowne Rd. It goes through Broadhurst Park, Lightbowne Rd, Kenyon Ln, Moston Ln, Melbourne St, Goodman St, Boggart Hole Park, Worsley Ave, Moston Ln and Broadhurst Playing Fields. A total of 5.6 kilometres (if you want to go the whole way). The route has bright orange waymarker signs on pavements along the route and you can download and print a map HERE.

The Soundpaths: BHC Route - starts and finishes at the Lakeside café. It takes you round the lake and then down through the park, into the woodland and round past the running fields. A total of 2.8 Kilometres the route has bright red way marker signs on pavements along the route and you can download and print a map HERE 

Once you have downloaded the app, you will also need to download the music and sound. Click on the 'Soundpaths: Moston & Harpurhey' or 'Soundpaths: Boggart Hole Clough' walk, and press the 'Download Walk' button. Put on your headphones and go out to follow an amazing uplifting ‘sonic journey’ from Broadhurst Park, through the parks and streets of Moston and Harpurhey and round the beautiful landscapes of Boggart Hole Clough. Listen to specially composed music, intriguing soundscapes voices and poetry that match your location and lift your mood as you go.

Music and sounds are composed and produced by Yoni Collier.


The MHC route sounds and voices were collected and recorded by the people of Moston, Harpurhey & Charlestown with some musical and sonic contributions from local artists J. Chambers, Hannah Ashcroft and Markus Hetheier.

​The app launched in April 2022 as part of MINDSCAPES  - Working with SICK! Festival and supported by Dutch Culture and The Kingdom of The Netherlands, Manchester music charity Brighter Sound commissioned Dutch composer Yoni Collier to compose the music and bring together the recorded sounds and voices. 

The BHC route sounds and interviews were collected by SICK! Festival in collaboration with the Boggart Ramblers. The route launched in May 2022 as part of SICK! Festival 2022

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